Welcome to the Ambition Study

We at "AmbitionStudy" had been recruiting Medical Aspirants from round the globe for half a decade. Enrolling medical aspirants in prestigious Universities in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Among our latest ventures, we had started on with Universities in Kyrgyzstan and Russia. We are operating as contractor having signed contract with four Universities in Russia.

We had been coherently working and coordination with institutions like Mari State University, North Caucasian State University, Pskov State University and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Russia (naming a few).

Our coordinators are working round the clock to make the process much easier and affordable for the aspirants, Hereby we proudly proclaim that recently we have had created a network, wherein involving more than 50 agencies in India and abroad.

With your countenance and our dedication we believe that we can overcome all odds.

Our Values

"We are committed beyond excellence in education to student support at registration to graduation and beyond."